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NC Engineering LTD. - נוה - כהן מהנדסים בע”מ 


NC Engineering was founded in 1986 by Eng. David Cohen and Eng. Mickey Nave to provide advanced instrumentation, automation and electrical solutions for Industrial and civil applications.


Today, more than 30 years since our foundation we provide professional engineering services and software developments for a variety of industries around the world. We have two offices in Israel, located near Haifa and Netanya. We are listed by Dan & Bradstreet as the second largest engineering office in Electrical & Instrumentation design and the 15th largest engineering office in Israel (all kinds).


Our activities include consultation services, conceptual engineering, detail Design and software implementation in the following areas:


  • Process control and instrumentation.
  • Electrical Engineering.
  • Systems Integration.
  • Control Software for systems comprising of DCS, ESD, programmable Controllers and SCADA systems.
  • Development of supervisory control software package - Vuniq for Windows™ that is widely used as a Human Machine Interface (HMI) for various applications.
  • Wide Area Distributed control over the Internet and Cellular.

We are active in a wide range of industries and civil projects, including Power Generation, Oil and Gas, Chemical and Petrochemical Industries, Water Desalination, water distribution and sewage handling, Milk Dairies, Thermo-Solar power generation, Paint Industry, Material Handling, Cement Industry, Hospitals, Ports, Air Ports, Science and Education Centers.


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