Among our clients you can find some of Israel’s and international leading industrial companies and organizations.
A selection of which is listed below:

Power Generation

  • Agip North Caspien Sea Operations - Kashagan 300MW Power Plant (Kazakhstan)
  • BrightSource Energy, Ivanpa thermo solar project 390MW (California, USA)
  • BrightSource Energy, Palen thermo solar project 500MW (California, USA)
  • M+W Ramat Negev Energy 120MW Cogeneration power and process steam plant
  • M+W Ashdod Energy 55MW Cogeneration power and process steam plant
  • Paz Oil Refinary, Ashdod, 64MW power generation and process steam plant

Chemical Industry and building products

  • Haifa Chemicals. – NPK, Slow Release, Blending
  • Tambour paint factory
  • Tambour Gypsum boards factory
  • Orbond Gypsum Products
  • Nilit - Nylon manufacturing company
  • Caesar Stone – Marble company
  • Katanga copper mines (Congo DRC)
  • Magadi Soda - Automatic Dredge (Kenya)

Oil and Gas

  • Carmel Olefins - polypropylene plant
  • Turkmengas (Turkmenistan) - CAC Pipeline SCADA and metering system
  • Turkmengas (Turkmenistan) - GS-2 Gas processing and compressor station
  • Uzbekneftegas (Uzbekistan) - Boosting compressor station
  • Paz Oil Company - Automatic Tank truck loading terminal
  • Dor Chemical – LPG Ship Unloading depot
  • Ecopetrol (Colombia) – Crude Pipeline SCADA

Food and beverages

  • Tnuva: Romania dairies, Elon Tavor diaries - filling and packaging
  • Strauss new dairy
  • Strauss Elit coffee company
  • Solbar – Soy extraction facilities, Israel and China
  • Shemen – Oil and Soy protein Extraction


  • Via Maris – Sea water desalination plant, Palmachim, 90 million CM/Y
  • Herzelia municipality – Sewage plant
  • Shikun Ubinui Water – Kfar Masarik water desalination Plant
  • Mekorot - MNEPC water desalination plant: Limassol and Larnaka

Medical and Pharmaceutical

  • Moscow Blood fractionation Plant (Russia)
  • MDA Blood Bank - Blood fractionation plant
  • Daxson – Medicine coating system

Ports and Airports

  • Israel Airport Authority, Ben Gurion Airport – Terminal 1 and 3 – baggage handling
  • Israel Port Authority, Kishon East expansion, Eilat port, boats Getty

Public and Civil

  • CBN - Central Bank of Nigeria, Headquarters (Lagos, Nigeria), Katsina and Umuahia branches
  • Asaf Harofe Medical Center, Central Laboratories
  • Globus Group, TV and Cinema studios, Neve Ilan